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Bitcoin knowledge | Timechain | Sound Money | Self-Sovereignty | in Arabic
Built by bitcoiners, for everyone


Going down the Bitcoin rabbit hole is a life changing experience. However, language and education remain among the biggest adoption barriers for non-English speakers.

We are a group of volunteer bitcoiners building a bitcoin-only platform in Arabic, with content in various formats and at different levels. Our mission is to spread bitcoin adoption among Arabic speakers, foster innovation and freedom, and protect against shitcoinery scams.

From Morocco in the west, to Yemen and Syria in the east, we are opening people’s eyes to how Bitcoin answers their struggles, protects their money, and frees them from corrupt regimes and broken monetary systems.

Bitcoin provides value to everyone. We will start with half a billion Arabic speakers in 22 countries, and end with a global neutral open monetary system for all humanity.


Contact/ Support/ Contribute

DMs always open: @Arabic_hodl | Email: salam@bitcoinarabic.org

Contribute: If you want to translate/ write something, get in touch and I will reserve/host it for you

Send sats here: bc1q6h3dszwl798plwkw95j855m0axtp76hdtduc69Tippin.me

The Palestinian Bitcoin Initiative: bc1q35fk93ktggjrp23g0mu3xtr5tfaz49qg86emwr

Honored to have received support from The Human Rights Foundation, Peter McCormack, and other anonymous supporters

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